Professional Investment Advice, Personal Attention

Freedman Capital Advisors does not have a large staff of investment professionals to support. Consequently, the responsibility to design/implement an investment strategy for a client is never delegated to either a junior team member or even someone you’ve never spoken with about your financial needs. At our firm, all client advisory services (financial planning, investment consulting, and discretionary portfolio management) are personally performed by Brad Freedman, an experienced investment management professional.

At Your Service

Dedicated “relationship managers” or customer service agents halfway around the world are not assigned to service client accounts at Freedman Capital Advisors.  Our philosophy is that clients are entitled to talk with the person who actually makes the investment decisions on their behalf.    

Tailored Investment Advice

At Freedman Capital Advisors, we understand that each individual or organization has unique investment objectives.  Consequently, we do not support the notion that a “cookie cutter” approach can be effectively applied across multiple clients.  As a trusted advisor, we’re committed to working with each of our clients to not only develop, but also implement, a targeted solution to your specific financial needs.

Investment Advisory Is Our Sole Focus

As a truly independent investment advisory firm, we have a fiduciary responsibility to shape the successful execution of our client’s investment strategy. Consequently, we are free of the conflicts of interest that might arise if we were owned by, or had a less than arms length affiliation with, a broker-dealer/wirehouse, insurance company, mutual fund complex, or other financial institution. Providing quality investment advice is not a side business for us; our sole mission is formulating, implementing, and supervising the most appropriate investment advice on behalf of our clients. Period.